Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy

bigmfood power of the experience gained over 15 years, qualified human resources with technological developments in the industry, combining highly compatible format pioneer in Turkey and has become one of the firms monitored.

BigmFood's overall policy for Human Resources can be defined as providing motivation, productivity and happiness for employees in the appropriate working environment, and enhancing personal development by mobilizing all technological and educational tools.

Many new projects on Human Resources have been passed on and ongoing with the awareness that investment in human beings at BigmFood is an unchanging principle of success.

As a result of this understanding, Performance Evaluation Plans are held once a year at Bigm Food. Performance appraisal is based on concrete, measurable goals and competencies.

The reason for the performance system's introduction to life; to provide direction and feedback from the managers and to increase their motivation by showing clear and clear direction to the employees.